The Chocolate Chicken



"The Fantastic Fable of the Prince and the Chocolate Chicken." by Geoff Gartlan.
*© Geoff Gartlan, 2005.

*Please feel free to perform this play. I ask that you only make minor changes and that you leave the copyright information and web source on the printout. Thankyou.

This is an Easter Puppet Play! It takes about 10 minutes to perform. You will need someone to be the narrator, a book for the narrator to hold and pretend to read from, a mallet, and four puppets:
a king, a Doctor, a Prince, and an Angel.
The narrator stands at the front of the stage and reads the "fairy-tale" in a serious mannor. The puppets, however, are quite off-hand.

NAR Intro: Today, we are proud to bring you a play that will take your breath away. It is entitled, "The Fantastic Fable of the Prince and the Chocolate Chicken."
It is a work of fiction performed in rhyming diction. It will dazzle and delight...

King: Hay! Just get on with it! Come on, introduce us!
Other Puppets make noise of general grumbles.

NAR: May I present his Majesty, the KING! (King bows). The Prince! (Prince bows) and The Doctor (Doctor bows).

NAR: Now let the story begin! Once upon a time there was a beautiful Kingdom of Chocolate. And in this fair land everything had to run at a profit. Industry had gone mad, it seemed that nothing could stop it!

King: Better get those chocolate eggs wrapped and in the stores before Easter. They make a lot of money for the Royal Treasury you know!

NAR: Then on a fine summer morn, into the royal house a beautiful prince was born. From an early age he turned away from the God of his kingdom, the Great Chocolate Chicken, and sort after something more meaningful; he became a Christian. Into this young lads heart the Lord Jesus came to reside, and so his love of his Christian God, nothing could hide. All the boy wanted to do was know the word of the Lord through and through. Then as he got older his plans grew bolder. He spent all his time singing about Jesus and helping the poor. His father the King found all this a dreadful bore.

PRINCE: Dad! Dad! When I grow up I wanna be in a rock band and play songs about God!

NAR: His Father, the Commercial King, became extremely worried about him. For he thought the boy had a strange kind of sickness. It seemed to the King that his son was overly religious.

PRINCE: Dad! Dad! Easter should be celebrated with songs about God!

KING: Nonsense boy! The people want chocolate eggs. They love 'em. And they pay a lot of money for them too.

PRINCE: But Dad, Easter is about Jesus and how he died on the cross to save us from our sins! Its got nothing to do with you and your stupid chocolate eggs!

NAR: At this the Kings temper did spark. He flew at the boy with a cutting remark.

KING: You'll NEVER run my Kingdom at a profit with all your soppy Christian ideas!

NAR: The King was now dreadfully upset. He imagined his precious Kingdom sliding into debt.

KING: You've really pushed me too far now boy!

NAR: The King thought his son had lost all rationality, so he summoned his friend the Doctor of Philosophy. The good Doctor looked the boy up and down, and then spoke with a concerned voice and a worried frown.

DOC: Yer, your majesty, he's mad alright; the spoilt little brat.

NAR: The Doctor concluded that the boys passion for Christianity had played havoc with his sanity.

KING: Yer I thought so, the whining little twerp.

NAR: Oh no! cried the King. That sounds like a dreadful thing!

KING: I'd better go and pray to the God of Profits, the Chocolate Chicken. Perhaps he'll give me some answers.

NAR: The King, in desperation, went to pray to the Chocolate Chicken, the false God of his nation.

DOC: I reckon thats not a bad idea your Majesty.

PRINCE: Your gonna pray to that idiotic Chocolate Chicken?! And you think I'm nuts!

NAR: And so the King bowed down before his false God the Chocolate Chicken; a wonderful answer to his dilemma was what he hoped to be given.
Before the tall statue for an age he did wait. The sky grew dark and the hour became late. Then in the darkness before dawn a strange answer was received. "This is it!" cried the King; for so he believed. But my how that King was so easily self-deceived.

KING: That'll fix the little twerp right up I reckon.

NAR: The Chocolate Chook had said not a word, so the cure the King gave was really completely absurd. The King declared, 'What the boy needs is an operation. The placing of a chocolate egg in his heart will be his new salvation. The chocolate from there will melt and go to his brain, and the dear boy will be made sweet again!'

PRINCE: Thats it! I'm out of here!

NAR: The Prince knew that a chocolate egg could do nothing to heal the head. Most likely, he thought, he would end up dead.

Prince: You bet I do! And there was nothing about an operation in my contract, so see yer later! I'm gone!

NAR (Read quickly): But the King and the Doc were faster by far! In no time the prince was locked in the highest tower!

PRINCE: What do you think yer doing?! This is insane!

NAR: The Good Doctor gently put the boy to sleep, and in a short while he made not a peep.

PRINCE: Arrr! Arrrr!

DOC (following the Prince with a mallet and hitting him on the head) : Hold Still you little brat!

PRINCE: I'm gonna get you for this, you psycho!

Doc (BANG): Got him!!!

NAR: With patience and skill the good Doctor set to his task, and when he had finished there was hardly a mark.

PRINCE: Ooow, look what you've done to me...Ooow, I don't feel too good...

DOC: Oh rubbish! You'll be back on your feet in no time.

KING: You look better already lad. Now just rest here a while, and lets have no more talk of God.

NAR: But the Doctor and the King had done a dreadful thing. As the days past by the young Prince could do nothing but cry. For as we all know, chocolate on your tongue in quite heavenly, but chocolate in your heart is very deadly!

KING: 'e don't look too good Doc. Its nearly Easter and he's not even on his feet.

DOC: Yer. We might have stuffed up here.

NAR: The King began to see that the death of his only son would be his well deserved penalty.

KING: Well its all the fault of that stupid Chocolate Chook I reckon.

NAR: The King realized he had made a rotten decision, and with haste took and axe to the evil Chocolate Chicken. Then onto his knees he got, and prayed to the Lord to be forgiven. It was then that there came down an angel from Heaven.

ANGEL: "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." Mark 12:17.

KING: What's that mean in English?

NAR: With those words the prince began to stir. With wonder filled eyes he gazed up at her.

PRINCE: She is using the words of Jesus, Dad. She means, in our story, that chocolate eggs are for making money, and that profits should not rule your life. Only God should be at the top of your list.

NAR: The King then understood what the Angel was saying to him, and how he should turn away from his wicked life of sin.

KING: Sorry I almost killed you, boy. I see you were right all along.

PRINCE: Thats OK Dad.

NAR: The King then declared to his subjects throughout the land. 'There's nothing wrong with a profit from chocolate, as long as you don't let greed get the upper hand. I know now that we don't have to have confrontation. Industry is for profits, and God is for Salvation.'

KING: I'm a changed man from now on, my boy. I'm going to be a better King and a better father.

NAR: The King then said to him, "A new life in God is what I want to begin. And I'll start by inviting you all to my baptism! Then he announced to the entire population, that from now on he would be guided by God when ruling the nation. And now it was time to have a REAL EASTER CELEBRATION! © Geoff. Gartlan. 2005.